Welcome to Pines & Pasture - Kiko Goat Farm

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Hello from Pines & Pasture in Covington, Georgia.

Home of Kiko goats, green pastures and southern hospitality.

home-photoAfter retiring from the military, we were blessed with the opportunity to settle down on family land.

For decades my family farmed this land, but in the late 80′s it was repurposed for timber. Years of enjoying our cozy home in the pines left us questioning what else we could do besides sit and watch trees grow. With a farm in mind, we began researching the best way to clear privet and stumbled across goats. As it turns out, goats were the answer all along — New Zealand Kiko goats to be exact; the top breed for intense Georgia summers.

With generous help from the folks at the Southeastern Kiko Goat Association and the International Kiko Goat Association, we purchased a handful of nice percentage and 100% Kiko does. Several months later we bought a young 100% Kiko buck (Black Jack) at the Southeastern Kiko Goat Association Roundup Sale. He’s been with us just shy of a year and has already sired 10 kids.

While we’re not quite ready to quit our day jobs (wouldn’t that be nice), we’ve made great strides. Planting pastures, building shelters and putting up fences has been hard work, but we love it more each day. We’re fully committed to raising healthy Kiko goats with exceptional bloodlines and are excited to return my family’s land to its former glory.

As with all new adventures this is a continuous learning process, but we’re happy to share our newfound wisdom.

Janet and Bob Hurt